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Shock pad installation guide

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—— Taking the standard football field as an example

A、the construction preparation work  

1 construction tools

Pressure pad (quartz sand and convenient bags, bricks and other materials, as much as you can), art knives, adhesive tape, glue, turf, a power supply wire as long enough), hot air blower, the bomb line box, feet, and other small devices.

2 construction personnel composition

Job classification: unwinding: 2 people, the people: 2 people, 1 people, filling sandbags: alignment: 1, adhesive: 1-2.

3 preparatory work before construction

--Check whether it meets the requirements of the site - pavement, if does not meet the requirements put forward rectification scheme.

--check the field planeness: the ground uneven place to promptly filled  

--venues check whether there is sundry: including a little small gravel, debris to clean up in time, whether in the construction 

--To the corresponding coil row to the corresponding position (ranked according to design drawings) 

--The line (designated the first horizontal line, must be put straight)  

B、construction steps 

--Unified] in one side of the membrane do mark, mark the side is spread out and will be ready to labeled membrane followed on site;  

--The lawn on site will be unified in order.

--In the field to draw a straight line on the base line paving mat.

--according to the site design put the edge of a roll of tape, after must keep the edge in a straight line, such as no longer please from  A slight adjustment in the direction, so that it is kept in a straight line, the volume of both ends need to stay 30cm length, and immediately after the adjustment is good.

--In the first volume of second volume to spread. The coiled material can be quickly paved, and can be adjusted at the time of rolling or spreading.

Adjust position can not pull, it is necessary to adopt single direction translation method. Under normal circumstances, adjust the position need two people to prevent damage or crease mat;

-- position adjustment: the volume between without leaving gaps, as far as possible by the tight (can not pull, keep single direction translation), the position is adjusted after heavy compression mat, in order to facilitate the next step operation.

-- next according to markings of each volume to below the coil along the adjacent coil rolled out; the fine-tuning of the gap in the place, when trimming special attention don't pulling in both directions, to extend the original first volume followed by single direction of translation, position is adjusted to use heavy pressed mat, prevented by uncertain factors in the generation of displacement.

-- Grab welding with special hot welding, no longer do any pull, suggestions in the construction of 30 degrees below the temperature.

-- the first shop after six roll mat, open two lawn roll on the mat spread, cushion lawn pavement alternately for, then every pavement, adhesive volume three cushions, according to the sequence in turn spread on the mat on a roll of grass.

-- bonding the lawn does not touch the mat; crossed the lawn, the implantation of the white line, must pay attention to the power to prevent bad cushion cut.

-- to bond after resection on both sides of the lawn, the excess pad material, while the glue will stick to the mat on the ground.

Mat - any broken parts can be cut out neat, and spare materials and belt replacement.

-- because of the light, the temperature difference between morning and evening will form the ground steam, easy to pad rises, form uneven phenomenon, this is a normal phenomenon (non product itself thermal expansion and contraction), stay lawn is placed sand flushing will not appear.

C , the duration of the budget and ensure measures

1 time limit for a project

Standard football field laying schedule budget






 clean up the site, put the line, according to the number of coil

7-8  (total number)

1 working days


elastic foundation expansion (including adjustment)


2 working days (at the same time)


filling sandbags, pressing (to prevent the elastic foundation is blown up by the wind)


2 working days (at the same time)


adhesive two roll elastic base interface


2 working days (at the same time)


paving lawn

7-8人(at the same time)

2 working days (at the same time)

2 guarantee measures

The two foundation shall be smooth, and keep the surface clean, no gravel and any other debris;

The installation conditions: the natural environment

The material must be kept at room temperature prior to installation (below 30) state

D, quality assurance

1 certification and implement the "quality first" and "prevention first" policy, careful organization, careful construction;

2 project leader to organize the major construction personnel to seriously study, familiar with the design drawings, understand the design intent, do the preparatory work;

3 strict implementation of the quality inspection system, each process must be passed by a professional technician to enter the next process after passing the pass;

4 in service from construction quality supervision, the construction side of the joint consultation, to create first-class project;

E, construction process matters needing attention

1 adjustment process can only be translated from one direction to the other, should not be vigorously pulling.

2 against the wind: we must do a good job in the preparation of the wind.

3 floor mats and paving the way to carry out the pavement. After each paving, bonding three roll mat, according to the order in order to open the lawn mat.

4 matters needing attention in the adhesive tape of the hot air blower:

Bonding to maintain line (the beginning stick to stick straight, cannot slant away), adjust only minor adjustments can not be adjusted too high, air heater's temperature should be appropriate, watching two pad between the gap to push.

5 the temperature of the floor mat bonding should be below 30.

The above scheme is for reference only!