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PU installation guide

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1 Preparation

--The two foundation shall be smooth, and keep the surface clean, no gravel and any other debris;

--The installation conditions: the temperature between 5~35 degrees, the weather is sunny rain, and keep to the finished turf so far;

--The material must be kept at room temperature prior to installation of the state

2 installation

--The web site wide spreading along the edge;

--Unified] in one side of the membrane do mark, mark the side is spread out and will be ready to labeled membrane followed on site;


--Spread - first volume, two or more than 35cm. The supply of the coil is more than the width of the site to grow 70CM. After the coiled material is loose, this allowance may allow the material to shrink and relax. It is recommended to cut off the allowance before installing the filling material;

--In the first volume of second volume to spread. The coiled material can be quickly paved, and can be adjusted at the time of rolling or spreading. Under normal circumstances, adjust the position requires two people to prevent damage or crushed cushion;

-- adjust the position between the volume for 10mm. Gap is to prevent the edge of the material when installing turf overlap. Because in the shop when the lawn is sometimes needed to pull, if there is no gap, the mat may overlap together.


--The gap can slowly moved out of the heel

-- as long as the set aside 10MM clearance, without adhesive tape

-- the next labeled in accordance with each volume of the sheet below along adjacent edges spread;


--The turf arranged well, not all spread out. The mat is laid out at least a few hours before the roll of the turf is fully expanded, which is a cushion to relax;


-- sticking lawn does not touch the mat;

-- any broken parts can be cut out neat, and spare materials and belt replacement

3 tools

The required tools are as follows:

--The knife

--The double-sided tape (only used in the repair time)

--The mini tractor does not recommend the use of heavy machinery. If you don't have a choice, try to cut back on the mat, as this will damage the mat.

-- with a handle, used to control the fan coil

4 storage

- do not install, if possible, with something on the cover.

--In cold conditions, the mat will harden. If stored in frozen conditions, should be handled before the pavement.