Shock Pad for Artificial grass system

1. Easy to install because of light weight and easy handing. 2. Stable shock absorption keeps the system sports performance stable for long time. 3. Roll length can be tailored to the field size, which reduces waste and labor force to utmost. 4. Excellent shock absorption and ball rebound. 5. Closed cell PE foam doesn鈥檛 absorb water,

Rubber Infill for Artificial Grass

1. Nature color; 2. No Odor; 3. Not easily produce dust; 4. Safe and comfortable for players; 5. Environmental friendly and recycle; 6. Drainage fast; 7. Compatible with other components of artificial grass system; 8. Good Sport capability; 9. Reduce the injuries for players. 10. Reduce the temperature of the system surface.

RMC Running Track System

1. No odor. Eco-friendly. 2. Uniform in particle size. No dust. 3. Save Usage, decrease the cost. 4. Good Physical Performance 5. Nature color 6. 100% recycle

Artificial Turf System

1. Nature color 2. Safe and healthy 3. Recyclable and environmental friendly 4. Long usage life 5. Reduce injuries for players